+++ THIS IS THE DATA VAULT OF VOSS (Or Demios, I haven’t decided yet)

Welcome to the mainframe of the Sacred Data Vault of Voss.





(Better described in http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Armageddon_Sector)

I shall thank Edu Bueno, organizer of the Waaghfest, for bringing me back into the orkish fold. And in the honour of the big Ghazkull, all my armies and settings are based around the Armageddon Sub-Sector, as well as the neighbouring Justicar (Imperium) and Golgotha (Ork controlled).


From this sector, the main planets are the following, each planet can represent one or various FACTIONS:

Hive Worlds

  • Armageddon – Key to the Sub-sector Armageddon and main hive world.
  • Corun – Justicar secondary hive world.
  • Justicar – Sub-sector capital hive world.
  • Molnar – Voss Sub-sector.
  • Voyn’s Reach – Voss Sub-sector.

Civilised worlds

And the following civilised worlds in Armageddon and neighbouring subsectors:

  • Minerva
  • Noctan
  • Pyran

Some of the other planets, or planets from neighbouring sectors, can provide some alternatives for different troops and space marine chapters.

Forge Worlds

Adeptus Mechanicus enclaves in the following forge worlds:

  • Demios in Golgotha Sub-Sector
  • Voss in Voss Sub-Sector

Space Marine Chapters



Golgotha Ork clans


  • Renegades
  • Chaos space marines