The Adeptus Mechanicus enclaves of Demios and Voss send their Skiitari forces to war!



Different miniature bases for SICARAN infiltrators and rust stalkers.

For SICARAN ruststalkers, the following conversion (pictures show conversion for Scratch Mech band for punkapocalyptic):

  • Goliath ganger main body
  • Armor from Kataphron breachers
  • Weaponry from breachers
  • Magnetized arms
  • Barebones skull head

Equipment for the ruststalkers is Transonic Close Combat, of sonic nature:

  • Chordclaw (Breacher power claw) + Transonic Razor (short blade).
  • A pair of transonic blades, longer than the blade.

NOTE: Perhaps the lengs below the knee could be replaced by a Skiitari metalic leg.




Brown + Black

  •  Used rust from Vallejo to colour or shade the chocolate brown base (?)
  • The black colour shown in the pictures is only preliminary painted.