The Department Monitorum organizes the logistical effort to keep Astra Militarum Regiments properly equipped, both in founding and during normal operations, ensuring a coordinated effort of the following elements:

  • Industrial production of the different planets of a Sector and Subsector.
  • Transport capability of the Merchant Fleets
  • Astra Militarum Regiment demands (in founding, in training, during transport, on operations, in reinforcement)

The equipment supplied to each Regiment and soldier is not standarized and varies depending on the martial traditions of the world of origin of the regiment, the deployment area, and it is tailored to ensure that the Astra Militarum can operate with high efficiency, i.e. supplying hazardous protection for certain Death Worlds, or respirators for non-respirable athmospheres, etc.

The Manufactourms dedicated to the fabrication of the attire for the Astra Militarum are either located in the tithed planets, or in the Sector Forge Worlds. For this reason all equipment follows a certain degree of standarization in patterns and designs. In the Armageddon Sector, Voss Prime Manufactorums are the powerhouse which receives pre-processed Industrial Textiles and Supertensile Plastics from Agri Worlds, as well as various ores from M-Class worlds and outputs standarized equipment to equip and maintain the Militarum Regimentum on the field.

Each soldier of the Astra Militarum is equipped with a variation of the following elements, which in turn give each Regiment a particular appearance.


+ Lasrifle or Autogun
+ Amunition Packs: 4-6
+ Close combat weapon or bayonet, w/sheath
+ Sidearm
+ Sidearm Ammunition Packs: 1-5
+ Frag Grenades: 1-2


+ Helm or Helmet
+ Flak Armour

ATTIRE – Uniform

+ Ration packs – 4 days
+ Combat boots
+ Field Tunic
+ Field Trousers
+ Field Cap
+ Cartridge Belt or harness (w/suspenders)
+ Haversack
+ Entrenching Tool
+ First Aid Pouch
+ Gas Mask
+ Ammunition bandoleer
+ Water canteen


(various WW2 visual references, to be replaced by own material)

Cartridge Harness


Entrenching Tool

First Aid Pouch

Carrier and Gas Mask

Water canteen



The manufacting process of Astra Militarum attire is based on the supplies of A-Class and M-Class planets, with local pre-manufactorum processes and orbital foundries, and the delivery of finished materials to the warzones.



This document is based on the «Survey of U.S. Army Uniforms, Weapons and Accoutrements», and its adaptation called «Ready for Battle: The Personal Equipment of a World War II Soldier».


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