All across the manufactorums and waste stricken battle fields of the Imperium you will find large, sanctified containers used to house equipment, weaponry and other critical supplies, as per the logistical effort of the Departmento Munitorum.

These containers are manufactured in Forge Worlds using ancient SCT, and are supplied full of processer or pre-processed materials to other Manufactorums or to the various battlefields of the Imperium. The same freighters that carry these full containers, once unloaded, carry back the empty ones to the Manufactorums.

The Armoured Containers sacrifice cargo capacity in order to provide an effective solution to the rough requirements of warzone ressuply, providing a self powered delivery unit with a certain degree of protection.

The Munitorum Armoured Container, Voss Pattern, Mark VII has a rudimentary machine spirit and its’ able to control access, lighting system, pressurization, code access, and even remote control of weapon systems that can be attached to the exterior hardpoints (StormbolterS)

VARIATIONS: Open top, tank?

NOTE: In 7th, a container was T7. 6 W Sv 3+


The interior of the Voss Pattern MAC is coloured in a standarized light grey.

  • Imprimation: Black

Using wet pallete, in various layers:

  • First layer: Vallejo MC 70.941 Burnt Umber
  • Main colour: Vallejo MC 70.989 Sky Grey

Rusting and aging in deep creases, between panels, in bolts: Vallejo Environment 73.821 Rust Texture

Texturing using  a light drybrush of Vallejo 70.400 Plastic Putty, which adds a light highlight, too.


  • First Highlight: Vallejo MC 70.820 Offwhite

Explore the use of oils and other methods of aging and rusting.

Explore the use of a darker crease lining.


The exterior is coloured in the characteristic Brown of the Forge World, with other colorus used depending on certain special characteristics or cargo.