TheWarping of Armageddon

The bloody quagmire on Armageddon continues, despite both Ork and Imperial armies being cut off from reinforcements.  Whipped up by the maelstrom of the Great Rift, hellstorms ravage the planet’s surface, and from them emerge Tzeentchian and Khornate hordes. Titanic Greater Daemons duel for supremacy even as they slaughter the Ork and Imperial armies, and fully half the planet is transformed into a nightmarish landscape resembling a Daemon world. Astra Militarum regiments form uneasy and temporary alliances with the greenskin invaders to fight the daemonic threat.While the Steel Legion
and planetary defence forces hold out against hope to secure Armageddon’s hives, the Salamanders, along with nine other Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, succeed in halting the ritual that would bring Angron, the Primarch of theWorld Eaters, back to the planet  that had defied him in ages past.