i.e. use scions with pigiron heads?

  • Or perhaps this is TOO EXPENSIVE!!! (if used as normal guard,
  • 5 Scions 27 EUR: 8 respirator head + 1 bonnet & respirator head
  • SC Tempestus Scions: 65 EUR (54 EUR from the two scions): 10 scions + Taurox

List of conversions:

  • Use alternate heads:
    • Pigiron heavy infantry
    • Pigiron others
    • Freeguilds pistoliers
    • Victoria miniatures
  • Remove the big lens at the end of the scope
  • Remove the jacketing of the hotshot lasgun and just include the tip.
  • Remove the power cabling
  • Remove the faulds
  • Add equipment, belts with ammo pouches.

NOTE: A LOT of equipment is going to be left after assembling these forces, perhaps to be used elsewhere.

In order to equip a 60 man regiment of Astra Militarum with respirators would require 3 SC Scion boxes. Doable (already have one). In total 30 men.